A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Not exactly sure what that expression means but I am assuming its more about enjoying what you have instead of worrying about what might have been. Or something like that.

Sometimes you have to just look at what you have, your place in the World and rest easy knowing that it’s good and it may not get much better than it is today. That could be said for the US economy. We are finally in a place that could be considered as good as it gets. Full employment, low inflation, low interest rates and consistently good growth.

For sure, there are some that feel that the income gap continues to widen and the policies that are in place now are there to make sure that doesn’t change.

I’m sorry, I firmly believe that if you work hard, put in an honest day’s work and don’t overreach financially, you can enjoy a happy, very comfortable life. And If you are a risk taker, there is no country better suited to allowing the risk taker in you to succeed.
There are thousands of stories about people taking some sort of risk and succeeding and having a better life. Maybe its my naivete’ but I don’t believe that “The Man” is trying to keep you down or anyone down.
Just like believing that if your President is successful you will be successful, when someone becomes successful, he employs people to work with him in his business, to do the things he does not have time for, to educate his children. All of these things are not done in a vacuum. Successful people spend money making their lives and their family’s lives better. This spending has what’s called, “The Trickle-down effect”. The service sector in the United States is growing faster than any other sector because of it. There are countless businesses that have been started servicing the growing wealth in this country.
As I have said, if you are willing to work hard, you can be successful in this country and with that success, you will improve the lives of others.
No matter what form it takes, socialism is against every principle that this country was founded on. With no incentive to work hard and be successful, society will stop being successful and fall into the trap of all failed socialist societies before them. That trap is being more dependent on the state and it has never worked, ever. While I consider myself a middle of the road Republican, when it comes to socialism, I take a hard right.

Just something to ponder.

No need to rush in any direction this week.

50% Stocks
25% Fixed income
25% Cash