Peter P. Costa is a Governor with the New York Stock Exchange, President of Empire Executions, Inc. (a boutique trading firm on the floor of the NYSE) and a CNBC Market Analyst.

Mr. Costa is regular contributor on CNBC throughout the day with Kelly Evans, Bill Griffeth and Scott Wapner. Additionally, Peter provides valuable insight into volatility of the markets (both domestically and internationally) for CNN and BNN.

A sought-after keynote speaker at numerous industry conferences and national business schools, Peter supports many philanthropic organizations, particularly St. Judes and The Robinhood Foundation.

Mr. Costa began his career as a clerk on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange over 30 years ago. Holding senior trading positions at Lehman Brothers, Francis P. Maglio Inc., Bear Stearns and Eckhart & Company, Mr. Costa co-founded Empire Executions Inc. in 2008.

For media inquires and bookings please contact as@peterpcosta.com.