I’m mad as Hell, and I am not going to take it anymore

That one line exemplifies a million different developments and what our response to them should be.

Enough with these Progressive Liberals already!
What I am specifically referring to is you guessed it, Amazon’s plan to ditch Long Island City and go with a scaled back version in some other locale.

Now this column usually explores more macro situations and even though Amazon’s change of heart strikes directly in the heart of the New York Metropolitan area, I think the lesson here can be extrapolated out, to any region of the country.

While I am not a big proponent of using public money to lure companies to a specific region, I do understand that to be competitive, you have to.

Amazon’s choice of Long Island City was made for more reasons that that incentive package. They received a lot of larger offers from less desirable locations, yet they chose LIC. The access to a talented workforce, A large accessible mass transit system (don’t laugh), and the proximity to the largest concentration of media companies in the World. Amazon’s plans for its future in NY were a lot larger than hiring programmers and coders, I believe they had much larger long-term aspirations.

Good for them that the state and city threw some money at them as well. I had absolutely no problem with the incentive packages that were created. Maybe the State and the City could have been a little more transparent but who negotiates with full transparency, that’s stupid and no matter what BS those ignorant politicians say, you can’t ley your competitors (that being other cities and states) know what you are offering.
The fact that this is even brought up, shows how clueless the responsible politicians are.

Let’s do some math here to give you the scope of the stupidity of their argument.
With Amazon’s projections the expected total pay when the headquarters is fully operational would be roughly 3.75 billion dollars a year.
At an expected 9% state and city income tax the city and state could collect as much as 335 million dollars in taxes just from the employees working at the campus. That pretty much makes the incentives a wash over the ten years they were offered.
The downstream money from this campus is probably two and half times the initial forecasts. Meaning that these people will be spending money throughout the boroughs and Long Island, buying houses, condos, cars, dry cleaning, restaurants, etc.
The progressive democrats that fought so hard still have not explained how this residual money will enter the economic landscape of Queens.
The fact that the economy is doing well, and people are working, and some legislators feel empowered by their surprise wins should not be more important than the future and that is exactly what these short-sighted individuals have done.
To look the part, they cut off something that may have potentially helped soften the blows coming forward economically and also sent a very important message, New York is not open for business.
Companies for years have been moving out of New York and moving to lower tax states. Sacrificing all the positives of New York so their employees can take home more of what they earn and potentially have a better standard of living.
How many companies of any size want to move to New York and generate high paying jobs? Just one and you blew it.
The damage they have done is unforgivable.
Empowering the people is a mantra that these politicians seem to spew constantly but from every poll I have seen, the people of Queens wanted Amazon and were very proud that Queens was chosen. Where do these politicians get off by going against the wishes of the majority and listening to a very vocal minority?

The bigger picture and a serious life lesson have to be learned from this. The far left has an agenda. That agenda will become more and more destructive as they feel more and more empowered. Amazon should not have caved in to this, but I understand why and what’s done is done as far as they are concerned but the bigger picture is developing and for a country that has believed in the entrepreneurial spirit this is a warning. These people do not believe in the individual’s right to success.
While Amazon is a trillion-dollar company, there are thousands of companies that have to worry about the far left and their anti-business rhetoric.

UGH, I could go on and on about this fiasco, but I need to keep an eye on my prize and it still looks the same.

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