And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain

Sinatra singing a Paul Anka classic, the song has been used a million different ways and always comes back to someone ending a career and being proud of being his own man, no matter what others think.

Tonight, President Trump will give his annual State of the Union speech, and in it, he will go over the accomplishments of the past year and the challenges of the new one.
Standard stuff if this were a standard Presidency, it’s not. The Presidency has been so tumultuous and unpredictable that it’s hard for normal people to wrap they’re arms around it. No telling what he might say, because this is the most unusual presidency we have ever had.
Like everything else in this Presidency, I think it’s best to compartmentalize the administration and weigh the good versus the bad. Are we better off now than we were two years ago when Trump was elected? Will we be better off by election day of next year?
That, unfortunately for the Democrats, will be the true litmus test and unless they can come up with an answer to a robust economy, there doesn’t seem to be any candidate that can wrest control of the White House away from Trump.
No matter how hard the liberal media tries to destroy Donald Trump, no matter how many times Donald Trump shoots himself in the foot, no matter how many times the administration goes through upheaval, it all comes down to am I better off now than I was before he was elected. The answer is yes.
So, while President Trump does things that make you want to scratch your head, he is the benefactor in this economic revival and that is the bottom-line.
History, I am sure will debate how much of this recovery and expansion can be attributed to Trump policies and again, there will be a division between historians, but the facts remain, Inflation has been negligible, GDP has increased, unemployment is at its lowest level in a half-century.
While a lot of this can be put at the foot of the Federal Reserve and frankly, I believe they should take all the credit, it still comes back to who’s in the White House. Good or Bad, the sitting President is responsible and as Harry Truman said, “The Buck Stops Here”.

Typically, a State of the Union speech does little to upset the ebb and flow of equity markets. I see little of that tonight and I am keeping my portfolio safe and sound and the same.

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25% Fixed Income
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