Ball of confusion, that’s what the world is today.

Thank you to Norman Whittfield and Barrett Strong for lyrics that are as relevant today as they were 47 years ago.

As with every period in time in history, there is growing discord all over the World. The Middle East, Venezuela, The Ukraine, Brexit, Neo-Nazis rising in Germany and so on. It’s the same old song, with new lyrics, that’s all.
Without sounding too Nationalistic, I try to focus on problems closer to home and hope that the resolutions will be acceptable to both sides so as to prevent further discord.
Easy to hope for, hard to achieve in this day and age. Time was, you had people that believed more could be accomplished by moving towards the center and giving something to get something.
Politics isn’t that way anymore. My way or the highway is the theme now and that rolls down to the general population as well.
Families are being divided by political opinions too far to the left or too far to the right. No compromises even at the dinner table.
This polarization began before President Trump was elected I’m afraid.
It began probably during the second Bush term I believe. After the attacks on 9/11 happened the country came together for a short period of time and the United States invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq.
As these wars dragged on and causalities mounted, I believe Americans lost faith in the process and there became a slow separation in society.
Rightly or wrongly, visions of another Vietnam became part of the dialogue and America’s involvement in unwinnable wars halfway around the World started taking its toll on the fabric of American politics.
The Obama administration could have done a better job of bringing this country back together but that was not part of the plan. Obama was elected during one of the worst recessions in US history and that occupied the White House for the bulk of its time. Obama will never be confused with a moderate Democrat and that just solidified the split in this country.
We are living through the Trump administration and the political divide has widened so much that a progressive socialist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can get elected.
Unfortunately, I don’t see any end to this divisive era. There doesn’t seem to be any political representative that can bridge the divide effectively and possibly change the landscape. Until then, it really doesn’t matter who is in charge, the process is breaking down and we can’t seem to stop it.

I am staying put.

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