“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your opinion, man.”

Thank you Jeff Bridges, from the Big Lebowski. As you might have gathered after reading a few of my columns, I have opinions. They may be right or wrong but they are just that, opinions.
One thing about an opinion is it forces the reader to think;
Do I agree with him?
Do I disagree with him?
What do I actually think?
This is generally how many conversations start and hopefully if both parties have a willingness to listen, something may be learned from that conversation.
That’s how it should work.
Unfortunately, that isn’t reality and opinions end up causing small fractures, which tend to get bigger as more opinions are argued against and you have what we have in the United States at this time.
Two very different sides on almost everything.

Maybe that’s why people watch so much business news. It’s fact based and when you hear someone’s opinion, it’s not cause for war, its thought provoking in a way almost everyone can understand. It’s about money.
You’re money and where to invest it or not invest it.
You listen to an analyst come on CNBC or Fox Business and explain his reasoning behind a certain recommendation. He gives you facts which he has researched and sprinkles his opinion in there and you form your own opinion on his presentation. It doesn’t garner the anger that watching Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity might. Its black and white and we understand his opinion and what his skin in the game is.
That’s one reason I try and stay away from giving political opinions publically. It engenders too much passion and while I have opinions, I like to keep them to myself.

With all that in mind, I will try and keep this column away from the political arguments of the day and go into some things that I think are relevant for investors. I will continue to give my opinion and hope to hear from you regarding my ideas so we both can learn and be better investors.

I won’t get bogged down with numbers and explaining each number’s relevance. I will leave that to all the different outlets that bombard viewers with data and their analysts take on that data.
I may, from time to time, go into an individual company and give you, the reader, a different take on that company, but for the most part, I will do big picture columns, which are more, geared to looking at things long term.

Even though we seem to be in some mini-bull run I am sticking to my guns and staying,

50% Stocks
25% Fixed Income
25% Cash