Fridays robust movement was a little unexpected because any positive data we have received in the last six months has been met negatively. Seeing the unemployment rate recede to a five-year low, no matter how contrarian the market has been acting lately, is great news. Since the Fed’s target unemployment rate is around 6-½%, these numbers are a major positive and some of the negativity we have felt during the week dissipated.

We also can see the consumer getting back its collective mojo and start spending this holiday season. While the initial numbers don’t bear that out, we do believe that when all is said and done, we will have a very good retail report.

It will be another typical week coming up with: JOLTS report, Wholesale Trade, some preliminary retail sales number and the PPI. We do see the JOLTS number to continue to climb. A healthier economy needs more workers. The PPI on Friday will continue to show low price inflation.

Anyone that reads these types of Blogs, or newsletters expects at the end of the year to receive a synopsis of the past year and something regarding the coming year. We will be publishing that particular article within the next week or so and we hope the reader enjoys it.