I have to admit that this particular album may not be in most critics top 1000 albums but the whole purpose of this section is to open people's eyes to some great music that may have been missed or forgotten about.
While Joni Mitchell is as fine a songwriter as there ever has been, some of her recordings never really got the play and exposure they deserved and Hejira is one of those albums. A mix of road stories that flows beautifully from one song to the next. You can play it straight or shuffle it, every song has that visit into another place feeling. You have a vision of traveling with the writer and slipping into her World and it really is a pretty good view.
The craziness in England just doesn’t seem to want to end and yet, with all their stoicism in tact, the Brits keep going.
The Parliamentary confusion, BoJo’s brother resigning from Parliament, and so on, this country looks like a mess and the World is probably even more confused.
Again, I spent the weekend going over the updates and trying to figure out where they are and will this failed marriage finally be put to rest next month or will it drag on until next year.
The one positive, I think, is that these extensions have given UK businesses time to make the necessary adjustments and rework contracts to keep the flow of goods and services coming. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually found any evidence of that yet.
I know that several banks have moved some of their operations to various cities on the Continent and have some plans in place in case there is a complete disruption in business but thats like the Y2K planning, lots of effort for what turned out to be nothing.
I said several months ago that I do believe that the time to invest in England is when they are at their lowest. This is not a country that gives up, no matter how stupid their politicians are and how badly they mat bungle this.
There still will be trade with England and England will still be buying things.
At some point it seems that England will no longer be a part of the EU. That is a big deal, don’t get me wrong but the bigger deal for the EU is Italy and the fact that Germany is sinking into a mild recession. Two factors that will have a much longer term impact on Western Europe than Brexit.
I have always been a little amazed that the EU made it this far. History being what it is, and the fact that half of Europe hates the other half and there has never been a century where some part of Europe wasn’t at war with another.
I suppose economic prosperity makes everything ok.
Markets remain in this calm vegetative state for the first few days of September and that probably won’t last.
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30% Fixed Income
30% Cash