So many stories, so little time to tell them.

Today, for a slow summer Wednesday, has an unusually large number of interesting situations.
You have President Trump putting pressure on the Brits to take out their Ambassador to the US.
You have Jerome Powell speaking before Congress and the investment World will sit and pick apart every word.
Earthquakes in California.
Negotiations will soon get back underway with China.
However, the story that’s got me most interested is the one with sexual predator, deviant, Jeffrey Epstein at the center.
This story I think will eventually fan out to his “friends” and there-in lies the biggest problem.
Epstein had connections in one form or the other to some of the most important political figures and influential businessmen in this country. Forget about his ties to international royalty, their perversity is fairly normal, it’s the players in his circle that right night are quaking in their shoes.
Normally, I believe every man and woman is innocent until proven guilty and the courts do a pretty good job of getting it right, but with this guy, he’s as guilty as sin.
He lucked out with striking some sort of deal with the prosecutors in Florida and basically got away with some of the most heinous crimes a person could conceive of and he walked away to do it some more.
I have no doubt that his first dance with doom was made a little easier because he was in Florida. The Sunshine state breeds lunacy and this case was proof positive that that lunacy exists at every level of the state.
He is now in the hands of the US Attorneys of the Southern District of New York.
He won’t skate from these guys and it will be time for justice.
The bigger issue here is what he knows and who he knows doing it. This little deviant may end telling some interesting tales and the AG’s office in New York may have their hands full should it go in the direction of a major scandal.
I, for one, would love to see this animal put away for the rest of his natural life., seize all his properties and sell them, make restitution to his victims and that’s for starters.
The circle of associates should also be brought to justice. Even if they did not partake in the underage “massages”, I think they knew what this cretin was up to and never had the moral fiber to say something to anyone of authority and stop him.
That may seem simplistic because it really is that simple. People of great wealth and power have the ways and means to stop a pedophile and maybe it’s not as simple as calling the police but they all should have known better.
The whole thing is both fascinating and sickening.


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