“What is hip?
Tell me, tell me if you think you know
What is hip?
If you was really hip
The passing years would show”

The 1973 song from Tower of Power was about looking and being in fashion. Today, the fashion is following and listening to individual voices that say they speak for a generation.

This really is nothing new in this country. We have always had leaders of individual groups that will try and change things for the better. Its what democracy is all about.
We may not agree with their approach or what they actually have to say but the great thing about this country is that they will always have the right to say it and that truly does separate this country apart from the rest of the World.
We have a free press, we have the ability to speak our minds and unless it’s liable, it’s protected.
While I don’t agree with certain people, I do believe I should listen and hear what they have to say.
For example, Colin Kaepernick gets Nike to pull an offensive shoe. At first glance I immediately feel this is going to far. It seemed that Kaepernick was stretching it a bit too far, taking issue with a flag that flew during the 1700’s. A period of slavery in this country. However, after looking into it a little bit I soon discovered that white supremacists use this flag as a symbol of their beliefs. Now, it makes bit more sense to me and I can see his point.
I am not one to believe that every corporate decision needs to be dissected to see who it offends. No matter what course of action any company will take regarding almost anything will offend someone it seems.
Conagra developed a granola brand and called it Squirrel Mix. The squirrel lovers complained and said people would be feeding it to squirrels thus hurting them.
I’m being facetious but you get my point.
While dealing with racism and discrimination of any kind is a top priority, we really need to tone down a lot of the other picayune BS that is out there.
Because it is a “thing” on social media doesn’t mean it should be a “thing” for the real world.

The economy has stretched its expansion out for 121 months, a new record, and it may go a touch further but the markets read things 6 to 9 months out and that’s where the big question marks develop. I am staying put. I may be moving into and out of a few positions but the core allocation remains the same.

50% Stocks
25% Fixed Income
25% Cash